About Me

I'm Kayla, currently an undergraduate at Mount St. Mary's University, where I am studying Business Communications and English Literature. With a strong love for writing , I am eagerly pursuing a career path in marketing and public relations. As a dedicated mother to three wonderful children—Liam (6), Emmy (5), and Christian, who just turned one this November—I have mastered the art of balancing my personal and professional aspirations. 

In my free time, nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my family, reading, and the occasional road trip.  As I continue my educational journey, I am eager to apply my skills and passions in a marketing or PR role, contributing innovative ideas and strategies.

Connect with me:

  • Phone: 717-377-9901
  • Email: k.m.canfield@msmary.edu
  • Portfolio: kaylamarketingjourney.com